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Chelsea is the founder of The Energy School.

She lives in Montreal  where she has an established school and mentoring practice. Formally educated in the field of psychology, hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming, Chelsea has found a way to weave Universal Law and  Energetics together with Soul and Ancestral wisdom.
When she is not teaching her students how to reconnect with themselves and their Ancestors, she is usually writing or walking in the woods, feeding birds and talking to trees with her son.

B.A. Psychology
Diploma in Early Childhood development

Certified Relaxation Educator

Certificate in Hypnosis & NLP

A.R.T. Level 3 Reiki practitioner
Ancestral Wisdom & Honour Keeper

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Morgan is the CEO and head of the departments of our Corporate Etiquette and Ethic divisions. 


She specializes in personal Assessments and corporate Cultural Audits.
After creating her signature 
Empowering Individuals as well as Organizations optimizing their well being and their environments. 

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Kyle, Instructor
Mind, Body, Meditation

Kyle is an Integrative Life coach, personal trainer and Energetic therapist. Specializing in Lifestyle transformation, Kyle helps his clients up-level all areas of their life by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual imbalances that are often seen in our modern world. His is passionate about ensuring that you come to see, know and embody your fullest potential.


Tommy, Coach

Tommy is a Success Coach and Spiritual Mentor. He is a breath-work therapist and specializes in flow state activation. He brings with him a no nonsense approach to systematic self evolution that propels his clients to heights they never thought possible.. 


Vitaly, Guest Lecturer

Vitaly is trained in traditional Yogic Meditation and philosophy.
His mission is to share the true essence of meditation as he has come to know it. Removing the stereotypes and complicated techniques, Vitaly has an incredible ability to make meditation accessible to any and everybody.  



Danielle is an Embodiment Mentor. 

Using music and movement, Danielle's channeled Embodiment practices help women unlock and access deeper levels of feeling, expression and healing.  

Danielle offers group embodiment practices as well as private 1:1 sessions.

When she is not changing lives, you can find her riding along the lakeshore with her husband and two beautiful boys.

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Kathy is an inner beauty specialist.

After creating a thriving career in the Beauty industry, she experienced a life changing shift which brought her to study Universal Law and Mental Mastery with her teacher Peter Winslow. She now teaches the Winslow Way to her students to help them see the beauty that lay within them and around them.

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Laura grew up firmly roothed in the spiritual realm with a mother whose interests inevitably become her own. Laura chose to follow this path in life and studied Hypnosis and Past Life Regression. Her practice is founded upon Subconconscious reprogramming and she employs a variety of techniques to achieve this goal with her clients.
She now lives in Ottawa with her partner and their two mischievous puppies. When she is not helping others expand their minds, she can be found on the trails behind her house

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Eliza is driven by the desire to help people find themselves again. 

Eliza is a certified Life Coach who believes in meeting people wherever they are in order to help them build confidence, find their voice and truly come into a place of unconditional Self Acceptance and Love. 

When she is not working with her beautiful clients, you can find her watering her beloved garden in Utah.

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Kailin is a Cold Water Educator and Mentor just outside of Montreal.
Kailin found her own medicine in the murky depths of the cold and now offers a truly unique kind of mentorship that supports and encourages people to push past their own edges and into their fullest potential.

Using Cold Water and exercise, Kailin helps you strengthen both your mind and body so that you can apply that resilience to all other areas of your life. When she is not breaking ice with a hammer or sitting on a beach chair in a snowstorm, she can be found watering her plants or keeping bees..

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There are so many ways
to work with us


We offer Free Monthly Workshops 


We run specialized courses throughout the year


We offer a variety of individualized coaching containers


a couple of times  a year we escape for a weekend of deep connection and healing

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