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Did you know?

-Whatever you focus on, you will attract more of

-Your thoughts control and create your reality

-Your can shift your reality by refining your thoughts and realigning your energy

Brilliant things happen in calm minds

Energetic Awareness


In this training you will be guided through:

Energetics & Universal Law : Understanding the way we create our own reality.

Energetic Etiquette: Basic rules and proper use of our point of focus.

Activating our Potential: Learning how to align and activate the frequencies of Happiness and Success in all areas of our life.


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The Experts

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Chelsea, Instructor

Chelsea is the founder of My Energy School and the lead instructor/speaker for all workshops, courses and programs.
She is a Life coach and Expert in Energetics and Subconscious Reprogramming. Merging Psychology, Spirituality and Hypnosis she teaches her clients and students how to successfully create peace and abundance within their own minds and then how to translate that into all other areas of their lives using basic principles of Universal Law and Energetics.


Kyle, Instructor

Kyle is an Energetic therapist, Spiritual Mentor  and Entrepreneur. His expertise is Lifestyle transformation.
Kyle helps his clients up-level all areas of their life by addressing the physical, mental and spiritual imbalances that are often seen in our modern world. His is passionate about ensuring that you come to see, know and embody your fullest potential.

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